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Teaching Resources within the Astronomy Department

Night Sky/Solar

Celestial Sphere
Half-darkened basketball
Sidereal time demo
Phases of the Moon (requires light source from physics)
Rooftop observing
Kirkwood observing
Solar telescope observing


Ballet-Dancer with Dumbells (Physics)
Bicycle Wheel (Physics)

Planetary Geology

cratering (sand)
surface features of Venus (Magellan images)
3D Mars


Infrared camera
Spectrum with colored balls
Absorption/emission with colored balls
red/green laser pointers
prism and diffraction gratings
radiometer (Justin's)
rheostat with incandescent bulb (Physics)

Stellar Structure & Evolution

stellar evolution with balloons
energy transport with balloons


parallax in SW 119

Galactic Structure

using globular clusters to find the center of the Milky Way

Generic Interactive Activities

prize wheel/quiz game

Computer Labs

Mass of Jupiter from Moons (Project CLEA)
Distance to the Pleiades (Project CLEA)
Tully-Fisher Lab (Fortran program linked to supermongo)