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Galaxy Formation and Evolution


Rhode's Projects

  • Wide-Field CCD Imaging Survey of the Globular Cluster Systems of Giant Galaxies
  • Formation and Evolution of Giant Spiral, S0, and Elliptical Galaxies
  • Using Globular Clusters as Kinematic and Dynamical Probes of their Host Galaxies

Salim's Projects

  • Galaxy Bimodality and Star Formation Regulation
  • Systematics of Star Formation Rate Indicators
  • SED Fitting of Galaxies
  • Galaxy Surveys; Data Mining

Salzer's Projects

  • Survey for Star Forming Dwarf Galaxies Surveys for Emission-Line Galaxies
  • Optical properties of HI-selected Galaxies
  • Star-formation Census of the Local Universe

van Zee's Projects

  • Dark Matter in Dwarf Irregular Galaxies
  • Chemical Enrichment of Gas-Rich Dwarf Irregular Galaxies
  • HI and Stellar Rotation Curves of Dwarf Galaxies
  • Star Formation in Spiral Galaxies