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IU Virtual Science Fest

Saturday, October 24, 2020
Visit Science Fest ONLINE

Science Fest is an annual IU collaboration among approximately 20 science departments to share the excitement of science. This year, join us online for events all day.

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Have Fun with IU Astronomy During Science Fest!

Solar System Quiz

How well do you know the planets of the Solar System?

Answer these five questions to show you know your stuff!

Color in Astronomy

Come make your own beautiful, full color images of space!

Planet Temperature Calculator

Want to know what it takes to make a planet habitable? This calculator takes into account variables like the planet's albedo, its distance from the host star, and the host star's size to determine the planet's temperature. Try to make a planet where water can exist in liquid form!

The Drake Equation

Ever wonder if humans are alone in the Universe? We can estimate how many intelligent civilizations exist in the Universe by approximating different variables! This app estimates the number of intelligent civilizations based on the guesses you give it.

See you October 24th!!

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