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IU Science Fest

Saturday, October 26, 2019
9 am - 3 pm
Indiana University

Science Fest is an annual IU collaboration between approximately 20 science departments to provide free, public outreach. There are many different events going on all day but a lot is geared towards hands-on activities for young kids. Science Fest takes place on October 26th, 2019.

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Have Fun with IU Astronomy During Science Fest!

Find us in Swain West

Astronomy Quiz

How cold is space?

Which planets are gas giants?

Why does Haley's Comet have a tail?

Come spin the prize wheel and take a shot at being the next Nicholaus Copernicus.

Constellation Wheel

Maybe you're more interested in the deeper questions like:

Why can't I see Orion's Belt during the summer?

Why is the big dipper sometimes upside down?"

The answers are close by. Visit our Constellation Wheel to find the answers.

Infrared Camera

Chili Today, Hot Tamale! he he he

No seriously, check out the heat being put out by people walking by or check out what you hand looks like to a snake that uses infrared to hunt. Feel embarassed? Take a look at your face through the lens of a infrared camera and see that you actually are getting hotter when you blush. [spoiler, that's blood flow making that happen]

Make a Comet

You read that right. Come on by our comet table and find out what comets are made of and if you have some time, make one yourself.

Virtual Reality Star Clusters

Whoa. What is that?

The nearest stars are still too far away to travel to, but with VR we can witness a star cluster right before our eyes. Explore space and learn about how technology helps astronomers in their research.

Oh we're not done. There's more..

Come Visit us At Historic Kirkwood

Kirkwood Observatory

The Kirkwood Observatory was constructed in 1900 and dedicated on May 15, 1901. The dedication address was given by the eminent astronomer William J. Hussey, a member of the staff of the Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton, California. The title of his talk was: Astronomy in Modern Life. President Joseph Swain spoke about his teacher and mentor, Daniel Kirkwood.

View the Sun
Solar Telescope

Looking at the sun is dangerous... unless you have a solar telescope! View the sun like you've never seen it before. If we're lucky we'll see sunspots and even the corona.  [Solar viewing starts after 11 am. ]

Tour the Kirkwood Telescope

Tour our 12" refracting telescope! Built in 1901, it is no longer used for research but its still regularly used to view planets during open houses. Now is your chance to see it in daylight!

Solar System Bracelets

Create a bracelet with a bead to represent each planet in our solar system. Or learn about an exoplanet system and bring a distant world closer to home.

See you October 26th!!

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