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The area code is 812. Note: In an effort to reduce spamming, IU email addresses have been listed below without domain information. Addresses can be reconstructed by adding @ after a specific username.

Name Phone Email Rm
Christopher Agostino   cjagosti 327A
Samantha Brunker   sbrunker 325
Bobby Butler   bbutler3 327A
David Carr   carrdj 324
Jeffrey Gerber   jemigerb 313
Laura Hunter   hunterlc 312
William Janesh   wjanesh 417
Justin Kader   jukader 327A
Ryan Lambert   ryalambe 417
Alexander Livernois   allivern 312
Hao Lu   hl64 324
Zachary Maas   zmaas 313
Christopher Macias   ctmacias 325
Chandler Osborne   osbornct 312
Hannah Pagel   hjpagel 325
Brendan Reed   reedbr 312
Jennifer Sieben   jsieben 324
Madison Smith   madvsmit 327A
Nicholas Smith   njs3 324
Qinghui Sun   qingsun 417