Life in Space:

Here are some resources for students working on their Colonize the Solar System projects:
Our Solar System: The planets and their motion.
Our Solar System. Same title, different site. Contains ads.
The Nine Planets: A multimedia tour of the solar system.
Views of the Solar System. But watch for pop-ups.

The Solar System in Pictures

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Here are a couple of good astrobiology links for students working on Build Your Own Planet:

NASA Astrobiology Institute - This web site has excellent resources for both teachers and students.
This Astrobiology web site is also maintained by NASA. It includes a link to Astrobiology Magazine online.

Here is a brief technical article that explains the math behind the calculator.

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Finally, here are two good general astronomy links:
The Astronomical Society of the Pacific - This site includes some great educational resources, as well as a great links page.
The SETI Institute - The mission of the SETI Institute is to explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe. You can be part of the search for life in the universe by adding the SETI@home screensaver to your computer.

Please let Glenn Simonelli know of any outdated links. Also, send me your favorite astronomy links and I'll include them on this page. Thanks!

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