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Colloquium Schedule

Colloquia are held in SW219 at 4:00 p.m. (unless noted below)
Colloquium Teas are held in SW113 at 3:30 p.m. (unless noted below)

Academic Year 2014-2015




Department Welcome Tea
3:30 to 4:45 p.m.
August 26
Mike Briley
(Appalachian State University)
Abundance Variations Among Globular Clusters: What Can They Tell Us? September 23
Keren Sharon
(University of Michigan)
Gravitational Lensing -- Using Nature's Largest Telescopes October 14
Stasa Milojevic
(Indiana University)
Astronomy as a Scientific Field: Social and Cognitive Practices and Their Evolution October 28
Brian O'Shea
(Michigan State University)
Galaxy Clusters: Laboratories For Extreme Plasma Physics November 4
Ian Roederer
(University of Michigan)

The First Stars, Globular Clusters, and U

November 18
Martha Haynes
(Cornell University)
Edmondson Lecture:
Not all Galaxies Are The Same:What A Galaxy's Appearance Tells Us About Its Life History
SW 119
December 7
Martha Haynes
(Cornell University)
Edmondson Colloquium:
Excessively Gas-Rich Galaxies in the ALFALFA Survey
December 9
John Cannon
(Macalester College)
Harvesting ALFALFA: The Faint End of the Galaxy Luminosity Function February 3
Laura Chomiuk
(Michigan State University)
TBA March 10
Keivan Stassun
(Vanderbilt University)
SW 113
March 24
Keivan Stassun
(Vanderbilt University)
TBA March 24
Ed Churchwell
(University of Wisconsin Madison)
TBA March 31

David Nidever
(University of Michigan)

Examining Galaxy Formation and Evolution with the Milky Way and Its Satellites" April 21

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