Spring 2005 A540 Schedule and Notes

Classes will meet from 12:00 until 1:10 on Mondays and Wednesdays, and from 11:00 until 11:50 on Fridays (location TBD).

Note: Some dates may change!
Monday, Jan. 10no classAAS meeting
Wed., Jan. 12no classAAS meeting
Friday, Jan. 14Organization/Review Ch. 1 Notes
Monday, Jan. 17no classMLK Day
Wed., Jan. 19Ch. 5: RadiationNotes
Friday, Jan. 21no classtravel
Monday, Jan. 24no classtravel
Wed., Jan. 26no classtravel
Friday, Jan. 28Ch. 6: Black Bodies Notes
Monday, Jan. 31Ch. 7: Solving the Transfer Eqn Notes
Wed., Feb. 2Ch. 7: Energy Transport Notes
Friday, Feb. 4Ch. 8: Continuous Opacity Notes
Monday, Feb. 7Ch. 8: Continuous Opacity (see 4 Feb)
Wed., Feb. 9Ch. 9: Model Photospheres Notes
Friday, Feb. 11Ch. 9: Model Photospheres Notes
Monday, Feb. 14Ch. 10: Stellar Continua
Wed., Feb. 16Take-home Examno class - travel
Friday, Feb. 18Ch. 10: Line Absorption Notes
Monday, Feb. 21no classtravel
Wed., Feb. 23no classtravel
Friday, Feb. 25no classtravel
Monday, Feb. 28Ch. 11: Line Absorption Notes
Wed., Mar. 2Ch. 11: Spectral Lines Notes
Friday, Mar. 4Ch. 13: Spectral LinesSee March 2
Monday, Mar. 7Ch. 14: Chemical Analysis Notes
Wed., Mar. 9Ch. 14: Chemical Analysissee March 7
Friday, Mar. 11Ch. 14: Chemical Analysissee March 7
Monday, Mar. 21Radii from InterferometryGerard van Belle
Wed., Mar. 23Take-home examno class - travel
Friday, Mar. 25no classtravel
Monday, Mar. 28no classtravel
Wed., Mar. 30Stellar Zoo Notes
Friday, Apr. 1M, L, & T DwarfsTed Maxwell
Monday, Apr. 4Wolf-Rayet Stars Prasanth Nair
Wed., Apr. 6White Dwarf Spectra and Atmospheres Tala Monroe
Friday, Apr. 8Binary Star Evolution Kevin Croxall
Monday, Apr. 11Supernova AtmospheresBrian Brondel
Wed., Apr. 13 Rotation Steve Strom
Friday, Apr. 15Metal-Poor StarsJeff Cummings
Monday, Apr. 18Peculiar A StarsHeather Jacobson
Wed., Apr. 20no classtravel
Friday, Apr. 22no classtravel
Monday, Apr. 25no classtravel
Wed., Apr. 27Stellar PulsationsRyan Maderak
Friday, Apr. 29no classtravel

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