A540 - Stellar Atmospheres
Spring 2002

Professor: Caty Pilachowski
Office: 315 Swain West
Office hours: By appointment (or just stop in)

Class meetings: T-Th, 9:30-10:45 AM in Kirkwood 010. When my travel schedule conflicts with this meeting time, we will meet on Wednesday or Friday at 2:30 PM in SW 318.

Textbook: David F. Gray, The observation and analysis of stellar photospheres

Additional recommended reading:

Overview: We will spend the first third of the course covering the basics of stellar atmospheres, including energy transport (radiative and convective), continuous absorption, model stellar atmospheres, and stellar continua. The second third of the course will cover stellar abundance determinations and stellar compositions, including a tour through the stellar zoo. The final third will include advanced topics such as stellar activity, NLTE, stellar velocity fields, chromospheres, coronae, and winds and mass loss. Required work: In addition to the assigned reading (which should be completed before the class for which it is assigned), we will have the following work assignments. Collaboration with other students on homework assignments is encouraged.

Exams: Two midterm exams will be given, as well as a 2-hour comprehensive final, scheduled as follows. Exams will be open-book, open note, but should not be done collaboratively. The final will be closed book.

Grading: Grades will be assigned based on the following weighting scheme:

Posted: 17 Jan 2002