Finding Proper Motion Pairs
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Proper Pair Worksheets

Sample worksheets are provided here. If you use the website for a course, please share materials you develop. Worksheets are provided as Word files so that users can easily customize them.

Sample Worksheets

  • Worksheet I - This worksheet asks students to identify one double star and one visual binary, and explain what evidence supports their conclusions.
  • Worksheet II - This worksheet asks students to compute the physical separation of a visual binary using data from the Proper Pair web tool. Basic use of trigonometry is required.
  • Worksheet III - This worksheet is intended to more advanced students, using information from the "show info" function. Students navigate to fields containing star clusters, to determine the distance to a cluster, and use proper motion data to determine membership, and plot color-magnitude diagrams.
  • Assessment - Pre- and post-quizzes to use with Worksheet III.


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